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*THREE (3) BRITISH P.I.A.T. ANTI-TANK WEAPONS. SN IC/A54633: IC/BZ12456: GZ14565. Cal. 88mm – The P.I.A.T. (Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank) was an active anti-tank launcher for the British Infantry from 1942 to 1950. Here we have 3 fantastic specimens packaged in a Greek WWII Army issue wooden crate. There is an inert / practice round included with each launcher for a total of 3. The projectile launched was an 88mm, 3 pound warhead with an impact fuse and was launched by a propelling charge in a hollow tail between the warhead and the stabilizing fins. Although it had a reasonable maximum range, the actual range it was found to be effective was in the area of 100 yards or so. The launchers measure 39 inches in length and weigh approximately 32 pounds. They have a bipod that mounts in a ring area in front of tube. They utilize a large internal spring to assist in the firing mechanism and to help tame the enormous recoil. The shoulder piece has a rubber filled, canvas pad laced on the stock section and 2 tan, web slings on the right side of the launcher. The rear sight (aiming mechanism) is on the left side of the tube behind the pistol grip and the front sight is a folding pin located above the front of the trigger guard. A small cork (on a retention chain) is attached to the tube on the right side. The cork is used to plug the mechanism after it is cocked, before loading the projectile. The steel pistol grip is covered with a black plastic, 2-piece covering. It is important to note that the BATFE had listed these in Section III of the Curios & Relics List: Weapons Removed From The NFA As Collector’s Items And Classified As Curios Or Relics Under The GCA. These are no longer NFA firearms and simply transfer as standard, Title I firearms! No transfer fees and no NFA style paperwork wait. PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CONDITION: Good – These interesting launchers are a great find, especially with their practice rounds and fitted wooden crate. It would be a great addition to any collection or just an opportunity for a few buddies to chip in on something really unique and reasonably priced. 4-34680 JZ99 (2,800-3,800)

Auction: Firearms - Spring 2008
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