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CONFEDERATE UNIFORM JACKET AND PANTS. This important lot includes a handmade uniform jacket with provenance to Private Matthew Reynolds of GA. Both the jacket and the pants have been extensively examined by noted Confederate uniform expert Les Jensen and a letter from him accompanies this lot. It was Jensen’s conclusion that although the jacket has a number of nonstandard features and postwar modifications, it is likely to have been the jacket worn by Matthew Reynolds. The jacket is a single breasted short uniform jacket made of a jeans-like woolen material woven with a twill pattern in a tan/brown or butternut color. The body is made up of 4 pieces in, generally, a sack coat pattern terminating slightly below the waist. The uniform has a 9-button front of which there are 6 remaining brass coin buttons and 1 US pattern 1889 eagle button. Buttonholes are hand sewn. The collar is of a standing type, fashioned of a single piece of dark blue material. The blue collar facing is crudely hand stitched to the inter lining. There is a hook and eye at the base of the collar on the front. The dark collar material is. most likely, a post-war alteration. Sleeves are 2-pc pattern and measure 7-7/8” at the elbow and 5” at the cuff. The left sleeve is horizontally pieced at the elbow and appears to have been made that way. The coat is lined with light brown cotton as are the sleeves. There is a mixture of hand and machine stitching throughout with the machine work somewhat poorly done. There are no interior or exterior pockets. There are 2 small belt pillows approx. 1” from the bottom of the jacket at the rear. CONDITION: Good. Jacket shows heavy wear and staining. Buttonholes are worn. Right armpit has a heavy tear and has had some crude repairs. Left breast has a L-shaped tear measuring approx. 1-1/2” x 2”. The jacket lining is tattered and torn but mostly present. 2 missing buttons accompany the jacket in a plastic bag. Accompanying the jacket is a pair of wool trousers, also woven in a twill pattern, but yet different from the jacket with a darkish brown color. Pants are fully lined unbleached cotton. Trousers have a standard fly front with 3 buttons, waistband measuring 2-1/4” in front and 1-1/8” in back. Waistband is held together with a single button. 8 suspender buttons mounted to the top of the waistband. 2 front pockets with folding flaps with the pocket bags are made of cotton canvas. There is a watch pocket to the wearer’s right. To each cuff, a reverse chevron of the same material has been made. CONDITION: Very good. Pants retain their strong color. I located 4 holes that have been professionally repaired and backed with a similar type material, very well done. Overall, they have a very nice appearance. There is mothing to indicate that these trousers are distinctly military, but they, presumably, came with the uniform jacket. They date to the Civil War period. This group is accompanied by a somewhat extensive archive of information and provenance through the family to several museums and in the hands of several dealers and collectors over the years. Private Matthew Reynolds was found in the National Archives as a member of Company K, 20th Georgia Infantry in 1864. This is further documentation that he served in a local defense unit. Apparently this jacket, which according to Les Jensen was most likely worn by Reynolds during the Civil War, has had some post war modifications such as the addition of blue material to the cuffs and collar, repairs and replaced buttons. However with the accompanying Civil War period trousers, provides the buyer an excellent opportunity to acquire an authentic Confederate enlisted man’s uniform. 4-56267 CW8 (20,000-25,000)

Auction: Firearms - Fall 2005
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