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*J. P. MORGAN, JR.’S EXCEPTIONAL PAIR OF HENRY ATKIN SIDELOCK EJECTOR SINGLE TRIGGER HEAVY GAME GUNS WITH ORIGINAL CASE. SN 2832/ 2833. (1927) Cal. 12 ga. 3″ Chambers. This fine pair of guns (gold inlaid “1” and “2” in the usual places), ordered on 5 Oct. 1927, were “required for duck shooting” and to have 30″ barrels and 2-3/4″ chambers with the same measurements as the ordinary 12 bores. Beautifully struck 30″ chopper lump bbls are engraved “Henry Atkin Ltd (From Purdey’s) 88 Germyn St London. S. W.” on narrow, swamped game rib. Bbl flats are stamped with London nitro proofs for 1-1/4 oz of shot and “2-3/4″”. SNs are stamped on bottoms of bbls. Case hardened, Purdey type, self-opening actions are built on a Henry Atkin adaptation of Beasley’s famous patent, whereby the internal parts were shaped so as to make the guns easier to close than in “other” self-openers. The ejector system was also improved. Actions feature automatic safeties (SAFE inlaid in gold), bushed strikers, and single non-selective triggers. Actions are engraved with exceptionally well cut, small, shaded scroll surrounding rose bouquets, in classic British “best” style. “Henry Atkin” is engraved on the bottom of each lockplate, and on bottom of actions over “From Purdey’s”. Trigger guards are engraved with open, flowing scroll, and with SNs on short tangs. Well matched, dark, well veined and nicely figured European walnut straight grip buttstocks measure 14-1/2″ over coarsely checkered wood butts, and feature drop points, classic point pattern checkering with mullered borders, and gold ovals on toe lines engraved with monogram, “JPM”. Matching splinter ejector forends have Anson releases. Gun no. “1”: Bore diameter: left-.728, right -.727. Bore restrictions: left -.014 (Mod), right -.003 (IC). Wall thickness: left -.026, right -.024. Drop at heel: 2-1/4″, drop at comb: 1-1/2″. Weight: 7 lbs. 4 oz. LOP: 14-1/2″. Gun no. “2”: Bore diameter: left-.729, right -.728. Bore restrictions: left -.016 (Mod), right -.004 (IC). Wall thickness: left -.028, right -.025. Drop at heel: 2-1/4″, drop at comb: 1-1/2″. Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz. LOP: 14-1/2″. Makers oak and leather two gun case with brass corners is embossed “J. P. M.” on top. Case retains its canvas outer cover with leather trim and extra pockets, which also has central leather tag embossed “J. P. M.”. Interior of case is lined in scarlet cloth, and has black leather, gold embossed Henry Atkin label on lid, with secondary label which instructs: “NOTE. To insure proper working it is essential, when opening this gun, that the barrels should be dropped smartly to their fullest extent.” Case contains high quality 2-pc ebony and brass cleaning rod with mop and jag, a black morocco leather wallet containing pull through cleaning equipment, and two pairs of snap caps marked “Henry Atkin London”. PROVENANCE: From the family of banker and philanthropist, J. P. Morgan, Jr. with letter explaining the order of family ownership. Henry S. Morgan Jr. Estate Collection. CONDITION: Excellent. Bbls retain nearly all of an old high quality re-blue with slight silvering at muzzles and on ribs. Engraving remains sharp and clear. Actions retain most of their orig case hardening color, vivid where protected, considerably silvered on fences, action beads, and thinning on bottom. Lockplates retain over 90% of their orig case hardening color. Stocks retain most of their orig oil finish, which is quite dry, with a number of light marks and scratches from normal handling and use. Gun no. “1” has a deeper scratch at rear of action. Gun no. “2” has some deeper scratches on right side of butt. Both guns have some denting at toes. Bores are excellent. Actions are tight. Bbls of gun no. “1” are on face. Gun no. “2” have bbls slightly off face and is “down on the flats”. Ejectors are slightly out of time on both guns. Triggers work. Guns have been in storage for a very long time and can do with a good cleaning. Case leather is very fine with some staining. Outer cover has considerable mold and mildew from poor storage. Some straps of outer cover are detached and missing. Straps and handle of case are good. Interior cloth is fine, with some marks and compressions from contact with guns, and considerable mildew. Accessories are fine. Label is excellent. Secondary label is oil soaked and foxed. Case should clean up nicely. 4-49127 MGM181 (25,000-35,000)

Auction: Firearms - Fall 2013
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