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Revised: 10/2/2013 

This gun has all the high quality and unique attributes of the work on William Smith of London, and is undoubtedly mostly by him. It has had Smith’s name removed wherever present, and has been re-engraved with the name and information for Joseph Manton, done in an atypical block letter font. This work appears to have been done a very long time ago.

The barrel (SN) however does not match any known Smith numbers, but does coincide with numbers for Joseph Manton in 1816.

Still a very interesting, high quality, shootable, “best period” double flint.

JOSEPH MANTON 18 BORE DOUBLE FLINTLOCK GAME GUN WITH CASE. SN 6832. (Ca. 1815) Cal. 18 ga. 28-1/2″ Twist barrels are engraved “JOSEPH MANTONS NEW IMPROVEMENTS BY HIS MAJESTYS PATENTS” on low, concave top rib. Bottoms of bbls have three ramrod pipes; front two are nicely shaped with beaded ends. Bottoms of bbls are marked with London proofs and SN. Inset patent breeches have platinum touch holes with inlaid gold bands at front and rear, with inset gold poincon marked “Joseph Manton Patent”. Breech iron has scroll engraving. Lockplates, with unusually shaped, scrolled, forward tipped waterproof pans, are engraved “Patent 1230” and “Patent 1231”. “Joseph Manton London” is under pans. Lockplates have rebated tails with feather border engraving along with floral motifs. Well filed, high breasted cocks have engraving matching plates. Frizzens are engraved “Manton 1230 Patent” and “Manton 1231 Patent” (matching lockplates). Rollers are on frizzen springs. Trigger plate ends in scroll engraved “pineapple”. Thimble has a more traditional pineapple finial. Trigger guard has some scroll engraving on bow. Streaked European walnut stock measures 14-1/2″ over steel long tang buttplate, with scroll engraving on tang. Checkering is at approx 20 LPI with mullered borders. There is a vacant rectangular silver crest plate at top grip. Bbls attach to stock with side nail through rectangular silver escutcheons. Bore diameter: left -.625, right -.629. Wall thickness: left -.045, right -.050. Drop at heel: 2-1/8″, drop at comb: 1-1/2″. Weight: 6 lbs. 2 oz, LOP 14-1/2″. Mahogany case with brass corners and inlaid shaped rectangular central medallion with D shaped folding carrying handle, has hook closure, and inlet brass key escutcheon. Interior is lined with burgundy velvet, with Joseph Manton’s Davies Street label. Accessories include ebony handled turn screw, 16 bore wad cutter, a leather shot pouch, along with a horn Vaseline jar, and a small glass oil bottle. There is a mahogany lift-out lock tray with ivory knob, with an old elephant hair bracelet in compartment. CONDITION: Good. Bbls retain most of an old re-brown with good definition to pattern. Locks and all furniture are cleaned to silver gray. Engraving remains sharp. Stock has an old oil finish with numerous light marks and great patina. Wood is very slightly below metal. Checkering is worn smooth, but pattern discernible. Locks and frizzens are crisp. Bores are fine, shiny, with some light frosting, and one or two minor pits in right bbl. Case is good, with many marks. Interior cloth is fine with some light stains, and discoloration. Partitions are good. Older label is good. Accessories are good. Wad cutter is somewhat pitted. Bracelet has one broken hair. A light and lively double flint. Consignor states that he has hunted with it on a number of occasions, with some success. 4-48670 MGM135 (10,000-15,000)

Auction: Firearms - Fall 2013
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