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EXCEPTIONAL HIGH CONDITION HOLLAND & HOLLAND HEAVY PARADOX TOP LEVER HAMMER GUN WITH ORIGINAL CASE AND ACCESSORIES. SN 11739 ( mfg 1887). Cal. 12 ga. 2-3/4″ Chambers. 28″ Steel dovetailed bbls mounted with simple quarter rib has dolls head extension engraved “Holland & Holland. 98. New Bond Street. London.” “Winners of All the “Field” Rifle Trials. London. 1883″ and “Paradox” “Fosbery Patent”. Quarter rib is mounted with two folding leaf sights that fold flush, and are marked for 50 and 100 yards. A silver bead front sight is longitudinally dovetailed into front end of rib. Bbl flats are stamped with London black powder proofs for standard length chambers and “RCHOKE”. Bbls are fitted with Col. Fosbery’s patented rifle choke, purported to give good shot patterns (rifled bores tend to spread shot by centrifugal force) and also spin a specially made bullet giving high accuracy, capable of taking heavy game; a combination not easily accomplished, thus the name “Paradox”. This deep ratchet shaped rifled choke extends approx 2-1/2″ back from muzzles. Round bodied, top lever action with nicely filed fences, features long top strap extending over comb in H & H style, and is fitted with peninsula rebounding back action locks with round bodied serpentine hammers. Action is engraved with scroll and geometric borders. “Holland & Holland” is engraved on the top of each lockplate. Finely marbled and nicely figured European walnut straight grip buttstock measures 15″ over grooved wood butt. Point pattern flat top checkering with mullered borders is at grip, and a vacant silver oval is on toe line. Matching splinter forend has Anson release. Bore diameter: left-.734, right -.734. Bore restrictions: left -.045, right -.045. Wall thickness: left -.042, right -.042. Drop at heel: approx 2-1/16″, drop at comb: approx 1-3/8″. Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz. LOP: 15″. This gun weighs over 8 lbs, has 2-3/4″ chambers, and loading data information in case recommends using a 4 dram powder charge for heavy game, thus this paradox falls under the “heavy” category. Most paradox guns were built to utilize a 3 dram charge. Original makers leather case has circular brass medallion on top. Leather is embossed “P. L. D.” (Factory records indicate that gun was built for Mr. Drayton.) Case is lined in royal blue cloth with large paper Holland & Holland label and two charge labels on lid, one of which is numbered to this gun. Case contains an incredible array of original cleaning and loading tools. Loading tools include: brass mold marked “Holland & Holland” “12” and “Paradox”, with three pins allowing casting of solid, small cavity, and large cavity bullets; orig screw type brass sizing die marked “Paradox” and “Regulator”; a brass tong type crimper marked “Holland & Holland” “12” “Paradox” and “Fixer”; along with an ebony handled shot and powder dipper, ebony wad rammer, and case hardened steel brass case end crimper. Cleaning equipment consists of 2-pc (short handle, long rod) rosewood and brass cleaning rod with mop, Turk’s head, and jag, as well as a black morocco wallet containing a pull-through field cleaning brush. Other tools include horn handled offset striker key, and turnscrew, each marked “G & J. W. Hawksley” and a bronze hook type ten bore broken cartridge extractor. PROVENANCE: Copy of chapter 14 of the book, “Paradox, G. V. Fosbery, H & H, and the Paradox, v. 1” where they also relate that factory records indicate that only 21 heavy load Paradox guns were built. Also included is the invoice for work done on the case. CONDITION: Excellent. Bbls retain approx 95% orig blue, silvering around muzzles, and with some rubs from contact with case, as well as a few minor light scratches. Action retains approx 90% of its orig case hardening color, most loss due to silvering on fences, again mostly from contact with case. Locks and hammers retain nearly all their orig case hardening color, with only a hint of silvering on lock tails and sides of hammer spurs. Top lever and trigger guard retain a considerable amount of their orig charcoal blue, most loss due to flaking. Flaked areas of top lever have browned, those on trigger guard are silver to brown, mostly silver at grip. Stocks retain nearly all their orig rubbed oil finish with numerous light marks and scratches, and a few a bit deeper. Bores are excellent, smooth, bright and shiny with a hint of frosting at breech end of right bbl. Action is tight. Bbls are on face. Locks are crisp. Case leather is very fine, with some stabilization, especially at corners, with a number of marks and rubs. Straps and handle are very well done restorations. Case has been expertly relined, cloth remains excellent. Labels and charge cards conserved and reinstalled. Paper of H & H label shows some soiling, rubs, and a number of marks. charge cards are foxed, and somewhat soiled. Paradox label has a slight chip and some creases. All accessories are very fine. Wood parts have most of their orig finish. Bronze of mold is toned. Lacquer on regulator is excellent. Bronze of fixer is still excellent and bright. Leather of morocco wallet has lost a good portion of its top grain and color. David J. Baker and Roger Lake, in their book “Paradox – The Story of Col. G. V. Fosbery, Holland & Holland, and the Paradox, vol. 1, pictures and describes this particular gun on pages 139 – 142 in chapter 14, and state “this gun is the best preserved early Paradox known to the authors.” 4-48706 MGM132 (40,000-60,000)

Auction: Firearms - Fall 2013
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