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*PRESENTATION SAVAGE RIFLE TO TIMOTHY L WOODRUFF, PURPORTEDLY A GIFT FROM THEN PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT. SN 31089. Cal. 303. 26″ full rnd bbl. This gun features D pattern engraving with buffalo on left side and tiger on the right side mounted with B grade checkered wood. Buttplate is nickel plated and shows evidence of some cleaning. Savage blade front sight, 2-leaf flip up rear sight and Lyman tang sight. This gun has been completely restored with what is believed to be a replaced stock and forearm. Factory presentation inscription on bottom of receiver, “Timothy L. Woodruff, 1902” as well as initials “TLW” on buttplate are completely legible. This gun was at one time part of the famous and historic Allen R. Mabe collection of savage firearms. In the 1950s, Mabe had what was considered the finest collection of savage rifles in private hands. It included outstanding examples of all their engraving and carving styles as well as many guns which had historical relevance, some having been owned by statesmen, businessmen, and celebrities. A special article on Savage arms listed 21 of his more significant and historic pieces. This very gun was listed as number 10 and described in the presentation as “Victor Grade”, 303 savage, 26 inch barrel, ordered by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902 for Timothy L. Woodruff, then Lieutenant Governor of New York state. D.engraving, B. checkering, American walnut pistol grip stock, crescent case hardened butt plate high gloss finish. SN 31089 made in 1902 retail $64.50. Also accompanying this lot are 2 factory letters, written by Rowe S. Clark, in which he states this gun as having been made conforming to the description above, being accepted from the factory on December 13, 1902 and having been shipped on this date to Reuben L. Fox. Fox was secretary of the New York Republican Party. Also accompanying this lot is a photocopy of the actual Factory Log Book listing this gun with the same information. Timothy L. Woodruff was a close personal friend of Col. Theodore Roosevelt. When Roosevelt was Governor of New York, Woodruff was his Lieutenant Governor. In 1900 the Republican party selected Woodruff to be the Vice Presidential Candidate for William F. McKinley. Many at a party meeting on June 19, wished to nominate Gov. Roosevelt name instead of Timothy L. Woodruff and Woodruff stood and gave an impassioned speech indicating what he would prefer to conced to having his good friend Theodore Roosevelt serve as Vice Presidential Candidate rather than he. Roosevelt did not agree and at first was very reluctant to accept the position on the party ticket. In the end the pro-Roosevelt people won out, Roosevelt became McKinley’s Vice presidential candidate, they won the election by a landslide and shortly thereafter McKinley was of course assassinated and Roosevelt became the youngest president in the history of our Nation. Woodrfull was and continued to be Roosevelts very dear friend and although we cannot find documentation confirming Mr. Mabes assertion that this was made at Roosevelts request, it is very likely that this in fact true. Included in this lot is a copy of a letter dated October 20, 1908, from the Savage Co. to Roosevelts secretary William M. Lobe Jr., it reiterates the fact that in July 1901 Vice President Roosevelt had a 303 cal big game rifle made for himself. The letter is an offer from Savage firearms to now President Roosevelt asking him to simply return his Savage rifle and they will offer to “equip it with the latest improvements so that he might use it on his upcoming African hunting trip”. The details concerning Roosevelts eventual nomination as Vice President being supported by his long time friend Woodruff, the fact that Roosevelt himself had a gun made similar to this shortly before Woodruff’s gun was made, and the fact that this was shipped to the head of the Republican Party, Ruben L. Fox in December 1902, all help to bolster and assert that Mabes representation of the gun being a gift from Roosevelt is likely true, whether it is or not, it is an outstanding Savage rifle once owned by a Political figure that was one of the best of friends of Theordore Roosevelt and later in the 50’s was part of the most significant Savage collection in the world and later was owned by renowned antique gun dealer Leroy Merz and held in his private collection of Savage arms. After Mabe, Mr. Merz’s collection of Savages is believed to be of the finest privately held collection in the world. This collection as a unit was later sold to Wes Adams and is now being offered as part of the late Wes Adams collection. PROVENANCE: Personal property of Lt. Governor Timonthy L. Woodruff. Alan Mabe Estate Collection. LeRoy Merz Collection. Wes Adams Collection. CONDITION: Overall gun in very nice condition as restored. Metal surfaces are clean and sharp with excellent definition to engraving with some toning on receiver and bbl. High grade replacement wood in generally very good condition with sharp checkering. 4-44768 (25,000-50,000)

Auction: Firearms - Fall 2012
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