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VERY RARE JENNINGS BREECH LOADING SINGLE SHOT RIFLE. SN 594. Cal. 54. This extremely rare predecessor to the Volcanic Arms which in turn led to the invention of the Henry rifle then purchased by Winchester which then became the Winchester dynasty. While the Jennings rifle, successor to the Hunt repeating rifle, was pretty much unsuccessful, its place in history, however, is secured in that it brought together the inventive genius of B. Tyler Henry, Horace Smith & Daniel Wesson. Upon the demise of the Jennings, after which it became the Jennings-Smith rifle, Smith & Wesson went on to design the Volcanic line of arms which design basically became the very successful Henry rifle later was purchased by Oliver Winchester that then led to the enormously successful Model 1866 Winchester and succeeding models, some of which are still in production today over 150 years later. This rifle is the breech loading model, probably built from parts left over from the unsuccessful repeating rifle. It has a 26″ heavy rnd bbl with small dovetailed fixed sights and a tube underneath the bbl intended to hold a cleaning rod. Right side of frame has an open port for loading the Jennings Rocket Ball which was intended to be fired with a pill primer fed from an automatic device on top of the frame. This rifle is missing the pill priming device leaving only a circular hole in the top of the frame, having the addition of a percussion nipple for ignition. Bottom of the frame is mounted with the orig elongated steel trigger guard with ring trigger which closes the bolt and fires the rifle. Mounted with uncheckered straight grain American walnut with straight stock & crescent buttplate. Left side of stock is inlaid with an empty 2-1/4″ long nickel silver oval secured with two pins. Only a few of these rifles were ever produced and of that number extremely few survive today. No Winchester collection is truly complete without a Jennings rifle. CONDITION: About good. No orig finish remains being an overall mottled silver/brown patina with fine scattered rust. Stock is sound with a small gouge on the wrist and retains most of an old refinish. Mechanics are fine, strong sharp bore turned dark. 4-49019 JR133 (6,000-8,000)

Auction: Firearms - Fall 2013
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