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SN 714/717. This truly magnificent French cased pair of large frame 12mm Lefaucheux pin-fire revolvers have the Royal seal applied in gold in high relief on top of backstraps about 5/8″. Royal seal is also found on top of lid in full relief gilted brass 2-1/4″ x 2-1/2″, details of the crest are quite well defined with dates 1389-1815 and Latin motto (Tempus et Meum Jus) which translates to “The time is right”. Guns are magnificently inset in gold floral damascene covering most of the metal surfaces of the pistols. Each gun is numbered 297 on front of bbl lug with SNs found externally on left side of frame and bbl housing 714 and 717. Screws still retain excellent engraving and only a couple show signs of ever being turned. Guns and matching accessories are beautifully mounted in elephant ivory with matching gilted brass finials with fine detail. Pistols are in a fine blue velvet lined case marked in Gilt top lining “GEBRUDER MAURER IN WIEN”, the Maurer brothers were well known vendors of high grade pin-fire arms circa 1860. This pair of pistols with 6-14″ full oct bbls have various proofs and markings showing they were made by Auguste Francotte in Liege. Francotte is generally recognized as the finest gunsmith of Liege in the mid 19th century. Special Note: This item contains or is made of ivory. Do not bid on this lot unless you have read and agreed to our "Ivory Position Statement" and the "Waiver of Legal and Financial Risk to James D. Julia in regards to your Purchase of an Ivory Object." This information is located in the front section of our catalog. CONDITION: Very fine overall, pistols retain most of their bright blue finish, with balance plum/blue. Bright blue is found especially in protected areas on either gun, both have chipping in blue on front of bbl housing, more severe on one. Gold damascene work is virtually 100% intact on both guns with largest reduction noticed on 714 which is missing its lanyard stud and this reduction is tiny, less than 2mm on butt. Metal surfaces overall have staining and light pin prick pitting. “Certifiable antique elephant ivory” grips are well fit with patina. Matching patinas are found on the “certifiable antique elephant ivory” handle on screw driver, shaft of cleaning rod and oiler. Mechanically 714 is sound, 717 does not index and hammer will not hold cock, both with well defined rifling and pitted bores. Original casing is also very good overall, blue velvet interior shows wear where muzzles and cyls abut. Longest peripheral thin brass inlay and 2 other short straight border inlays are missing on lid and there are several small bends of small terminating scrolls of brass inlay on top right and top left of casing, other inlays are intact with few areas slightly raised. Embossed gilt agents marking is crisp as seen inside top lid. There are also areas of scuffing and nap missing on right lid. Box is sound and solid overall, retaining much of its dark finish with numerous scratches, dents and other blemishes that can be seen in photos. 1-1/2″ crescent shaped inlay above lock escutcheon is missing and there are several chips and cracks in veneer though mostly on backside of box. Engraved floral decorated brass corners of box are intact. Applied Royal seal shows old areas of old polishing but overall crisp with fine detail, retaining most of its original gilt with higher areas a yellow brass patina. 50180-1 JS IVORY (15,000-25,000) – Lot 2281

Auction: Firearms - March 2016
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