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This grouping contains 8 of the most prominent officers under Custer, several with personal content to General Custer. Included in this group are rare military autographs of Lt. Donald McIntosh and Lt. Algernon E. Smith who were both killed alongside Custer. This is one of the nicest groupings for condition, content and overall aesthetics of signatures for a group of Custer’s 7th Cavalry officers. 1) Donald McIntosh:(1838-1876) American military officer, first lieutenant who assumed the command of Co. G, killed in the valley fight at the Little Big Horn. Rare manuscript D.S. as 2nd Lt. of the 7th Cavalry, 1p. 4to., Ft. Harker, Kansas, Jan. 19, 1869, headed “Special Order No. 13” ordering the cavalry recruits under Lt. Bodamer join him along the Saline River and that they are to be properly mounted, equipped and armed. 2) George W. Yates: (1843-1876) American military officer, a captain in the 7th Cavalry commanding Co. F of the Dakota Column and killed at Little Big Horn. Rare signature “Geo. W. Yates” with rank of another hand “Captain 7th Cavalry”, cut from a document. 3) Algernon E. Smith: (1842-1876) American military officer, first lieutenant of Co. E in the Dakota Column of the 7th Cavalry, killed near Custer but away from his immediate command. Rare, fine association A.L.S. “A.E.Smith”, 1p 4to., (Ft Leavenworth), Oct. 10, 1869 to Gen. George A Custer. In part: “…My dear General, I send you by Ambulance…my pistol & some ammunition. Also the “Conservative” (Leavenworth). I forgot to say that “Lone Wolf” will not run good with curt bit, use a watering bridle. I will send saddle, bridle & all in Ambulance. I am sorry ‘Maida’ was killed…” With holograph transmittal enveloped addressed Custer (hand delivered). Custer traveled with two Scottish Staghounds, Maida and Blucher. Blucher was killed by Indians at the Battle of Washita, Maida during a buffalo hunt. 4) Miles Moylan: (1838-1909) American military officer, a captain in command of Co. A of the Dakota Column of the 7th Cavalry, one of the three units that followed Major Marcus Reno in the unsuccessful attack to the southern end of Sitting Bull’s village. Moylan was later a Medal of Honor winner for service against the Nez Perce. Fine association A.L.S. on Headquarters 7th U.S. Cavalry letterhead, 1p, 8vo., Ft Leavenworth, June 23, 1868 to Gen. George A. Custer, apparently lending Custer what was, at the time, a great deal of money. In full: “Dear Genl: Enclosed please find one hundred dollars. I have no small bills. Use what you want of it. M. Moylan”. With holograph envelope addressed to Custer and showing that the letter (and money) was hand delivered. 5) Charles DeRudio: American military officer, captain of Co. A under Marcus Reno in the valley. When DeRudio’s horse was shot from beneath him, he hid beneath brush until late at night, then swam across the Little Big horn to rejoin his command. Rare fine content A.L.S. 1p. 4to., Ft Meade, Dakota Territory, Jan 31, 1883 to the Adjutant General of the Army. DeRudio acknowledges receipt: “…of my Commission as Captain of the 7th Regiment of Cavalry and the prescribed Oath of Office, which I respectfully enclose herewish sworn and subscribed…”. 6) Edward Godfrey: (1843-1932) American military officer, first lieutenant of Co. K in the 7th Cavalry, under Frederick Benteen and was instrumental in securing Reno Hill. Bold signature adding rank “1st Lt. 7th Cavalry” cut from a document. 7) Thomas H. French: (1843-1882) American military officer, captain of Co. M of the 7th Cavalry under Marcus Reno, survived to fight the Nez Perce at Canyon Creek in 1877. Bold signature “T. H. French” adding rank “Capt. 7th Cavalry” cut from a document. Cleanly mounted to a reprint of a photo of Hodgson in uniform. 8) Francis M. Gibson: (d. 1919) American cavalry officer famous as an Indian scout and was under Custer’s command during the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Although not on the scene, he was among the first officers to ride to attempt to relieve the doomed force. Lt. Donald McIntosh, who was killed with Custer, was Gibson’s brother-in-law, and Gibson recovered his body. Manuscript D.S. 1p 4to., Ft rice, D.T., May 2, 1878, “Post Order No. 81” ordering that a horse infected with “Glanders” be shot immediately. CONDITION: Very good to fine overall as can be seen in photos. 48441-17 (5,000-7,000) – Lot 2231

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