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SN 332. Tube is 39″ long, 9-1/2″ trunnion width, 64″ overall. Overall width is 39″, overall height is 38″. Carriage only height is 12″, length is 56″. Manufactured by Skoda. The 7cm Breechloading Mountain Rifle M75 was the baby of a famous family of Skoda artillery pieces, the 9cm and 8cm Field Cannons, also known as M75, and the 7cm mountain gun. The mountain gun was made of “Steel Bronze” which was a very strong type of phosphor bronze nearly as strong as steel. These weapons were very popular on the export market during the late 19th C. and were used in many countries including Poland, Thailand, Japan, etc. This particular gun was part of the Austrian army as is noted by 1/2″ “A” surcharge on top of bbl about 4″ forward of vent. The breech mechanism was a horizontal sliding wedge with some unique gas-sealing features. This gun fired explosive shell or canister rounds, the propellant being contained in a powder bag, which saved weight compared to a gun using metallic cartridge cases. The Skoda Company: The noble Waldstein family founded the company in 1859 in Plzeň); Emil Škoda bought it in 1869. It soon became Austria-Hungary’s leading arms manufacturer producing heavy guns for the navy, mountain guns or mortars along with the Škoda M1909 machine gun as one of its noted products. Besides producing arms for the Austro-Hungarian military, Škoda also manufactured locomotives, aircraft, ships, machine tools, steam turbines and equipment for power utilities and still does so. Reference: “Artyeria Austro-Wegierska w Latach 1860-1890” Warsaw, 2008. SN marked 332 on right trunnion and on right side of sliding breech housing. Rear of breech marked “7cm 1893 NR 332 90KS”. Carriage is black painted enamel riveted steel. Wheels are orig wood with steel tires, and bronze hubs with a steel axle housing. Elevation gear turns. The breech mechanism works perfectly with an improvised operating handle, now missing as it broke when last fired. The 2.75-inch bore diameter is ideal for shooting plaster-filled soda cans. The vent is slightly enlarged from firing but is still serviceable. Vent hole on top of breech open with ring of green discoloration. Green discoloration also at muzzle. PROVENANCE: Springfield Arsenal, LLC Artillery Collection. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is fine with the bronze a pleasing golden patina, with same green copper sulfate at muzzle and primer hole as noted. Wooden wheels are fine and serviceable with about 70% old finish remaining with scattered gouges and chips. Bronze hubs retain same patina as tube. Metal of carriage retains over 90% of black enamel finish. Bore has strong rifling. This is a great portable cannon which would be fun to shoot and easy to maintain. 4-54239 (20,000-40,000) – Lot 2057

Auction: Firearms - March 2015
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