Josh Loewensteiner

A lifelong firearms enthusiast, Josh began studying, collecting and shooting guns with his father and brother when he was just eight years old. He particularly enjoys American sporting guns including the classic American sporting guns from the Golden Age.  Josh is a Life member of the Parker Gun Collectors Association, having served on the Board of Directors as Secretary, and events coordinator.  He is a Life Member of the NRA, A life member of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association, a member of the Lefever Arms Collectors Association, the Colt Collectors Association, the A.H. Fox Gun Collectors Association, the Smith and Wesson Collectors Association, the German Gun Collectors Association, and the Winchester Arms Collectors Association.

Josh has a proven track record in delivering outstanding customer results, as well as sales and marketing success. Prior to joining the Julia Morphy Team, Josh spent 13 years in the life insurance business having sold over $100 million dollars in premium with various carriers, most recently TIAA where he was responsible for life insurance and annuity sales in the Southeastern U.S.  He has been a part of the Julia’s and Morphy Team since 2013 and represents clients throughout the country counseling them on their treasured firearms and other assets and has become a trusted expert in helping clients to achieve success in the monetization of firearms at auction.