John Morphy, M.D.

Dr. John Morphy, a retired physician, was part of the Morphy team long before “the team” ever existed. As the father of Dan Morphy Auctions’ CEO, Dan Morphy, Dr. Morphy was the guiding force who sparked and nurtured Dan’s interest in the antiques industry. With his knowledge and appreciation of antiques, “Doc,” as he is known to one and all, was Dan’s most important influence and a constant source of encouragement to his son as he ventured into antiques as a profession.Dr. Morphy’s primary duties are to provide catalog descriptions and condition reports, appraise goods and assist with the shipping of items purchased at auction. His expertise developed over 35+ years in the industry and includes, but is not limited to, art glass, fine art, antique toys, country store, holiday and general antiques. He also represents Dan Morphy Auctions at many shows across the country. Dr. Morphy is an integral part of the day-to-day operations at the gallery, and in his free time he is still buys, sells and collects the antiques he has grown to love.