Morphy Auctions is central Pennsylvania's premier antique auction house.


Getting Started: Online Bidding with MorphyLiveMorphy Auctions offers you two online bidding options: MorphyLIVE, our online live bidding
system, and Absentee/Pre-Sale Bidding through the Auction Flex system.
Choose Your Bidding Option
Bid from Home/Office
Confidential Bids
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Bid Via Online Catalog
Bid Prior to Auction
Live Internet Bidding
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PLEASE NOTE: AT THIS TIME OUR SITE REQUIRES A SEPARATE USER ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD FOR BOTH MORPHYLIVE AND AUCTION FLEX. We are continually improving our website to make online bidding with Morphy Auctions an enjoyable experience.
Please send comments and feedback to
For your convenience, we recommend registering for both MorphyLIVE and Auction Flex to allow you bidding capabilities with both options.
Absentee Bidding Auction Flex Absentee bidding (or pre-sale bidding) is available through Auction Flex, an online bidding company. To leave an Absentee Bid through this system, you will need to register for an Auction Flex account. This is a separate account from your MorphyLIVE account. You can leave an Absentee Bid for any item that appears in one of our online catalogs. Absentee Bidders may preview, register and place bids online up to and until fifteen (15) minutes prior to the sale. The Auctioneer will execute your absentee bid competitively, up to the maximum amount you have indicated, as the live auction is taking place. If two bidders place identical bids on the same item, priority will be given to the first bid received. (All bids are time stamped). Step 1 - Create Your Account
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MorphyLIVE What is MorphyLIVE? MorphyLIVE is Morphy Auctions custom online bidding system. It allows Members to bid online and watch the current live sale at Morphy Auctions. In order to bid through MorphyLIVE, you must create a Morphy Member account. No matter where you are, MorphyLIVE gives you the freedom to bid as if you were attending the sale in person. All it requires is a high-speed internet connection and Morphy Membership. Step 1 - Create Your Account
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