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Consigning FAQs

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Below you will find commonly asked questions and answers on our consignment process. If you still have questions, please contact us.

How can I bid in your sales?

We offer a multitude of bidding options

  • Live Bidding: Come and bid in person at one of the largest under-roof auction houses.
  • Phone Bidding: If you cannot make it in person we will call you and facilitate bidding by phone during the auction. Simply call 717-335-3435.
  • Absentee Bidding: You can do this via fax, computer or phone. Click here to place an absentee bid.
  • Internet Bidding: You can do this via fax, computer or phone. Morphy Live an interactive online-bidding platform, where customers can watch the real-time auction and place bids. You can also bid live online through Live Auctioneers & Proxibid
How are sealed internet bids executed and how does Live internet bidding work?

On the day of the auction, if you left sealed bids on the internet, then these are transferred to the auctioneer fifteen minutes before the auction begins. Our online platforms close for absentee bids and open for live internet bidding and to our auction floor. Morphy Auctions utilizes multiple bidding platforms, of which, our primary bidding platform is MorphyLive.

Live auction “Floor Bidders” take precedence, and win any tie bids against the internet. (This is in the terms and conditions of the auction and you agree to these terms in order to bid.) Our auctioneer takes these “Floor Bids” first then checks his computer for your bids. Because this is a live auction, we cannot accept “Buy Now” offers due to the agreement with our consignors.

This system works in your advantage as a live floor bidder or a live internet bidder has to outbid you in order win the item. It is correct to assume that you could win your lot at a lower price as long as the floor or another internet bidder do not submit higher bids. If they do not bid, then you can win the item for less than your maximum left (absentee) bid.

When possible, we would recommend arranging a phone line and then you are considered a floor bidder. Phone lines are limited, so please arrange a phone line at least 24 hours prior to the auction. As a phone bidder, your bids will take precedence over internet or absentee bids in a tie bid situation. During your phone bid you will hear the auction and the timing of the sale (the auctioneer does approximately 80 – 100 lots per hour).

Why do I need to register?

Bidding is considered a contract between you as the bidder and the auction house, therefore you need to register and agree to the terms and conditions of the sale in order to bid on items.
Why do I need to register for each sale?

Morphy’s often has multiple sales during the same timeframe therefore registering for each sale confirms which sale you will be bidding on.
Why is my registration information not stored?

Morphy’s has three internet bidding options which are Auction Flex, MorphyLive, and Proxibid. These are three separate companies and the servers do not communicate with each other. Your registration information is stored on each of these secured servers but you need to use the correct login and password information in order to bid.
Is there a buyers premium?

A 20% buyer’s premium will be added to all successful bids and is payable by the purchaser as part of the total purchase cost. A 3% fee is applied to payments made by credit card. Additionally, a 2% fee is applied to the use of external bidding platforms (Not applicable to MorphyLive).
What is the lead time for getting my items to you so they can be included in an upcoming auction?

We allocate five to six months lead time to receive items for inclusion in a sale. This allows us the proper amount of time to market, advertise, and create a full-color hardbound catalog for each sale.
Why would I choose Dan Morphy Auctions over any other auction house?

Dan Morphy Auctions builds a marketing and advertising campaign that ensures maximum exposure of your collection. Through every step of the auction process, the Morphy team strives to deliver the uncompromising level of care your collection deserves.
How do I get my collection to you?

Depending on the size and value of the collection, if you are not able to deliver or ship the items, we will make arrangements to pick up the items/collection.
Are consignments insured?

Yes, all items are fully insured. Once we have the items in our possession, they are insured until the day they transfer to the new owner (auction buyer). Our facility also provides secure, museum-quality glass display cases and custom-built shelving and storage units to ensure the safekeeping of your collectibles.
How quickly do you pay your consignors?

Morphy Auctions prides itself in prompt payment to its consignors. During the 45-day post sale period, consignors may receive multiple payments equaling their total amount due. As a courtesy to our consignors, Morphy’s will initiate payouts to consignors as payments are received for the auction goods. Consignors will be paid in full within 45 business days following the sale.
How many people work for you?

We currently employ approximately 60 staff members.
Where do you promote your sales?

We promote at all significant and division specific antiques trade shows worldwide, and we produce an advertising and publicity campaign that includes the most influential and effective antiques publications and other media outlets.
Do you specialize in selling a particular type of antiques?

No, we specialize in selling “fresh to the market” collections. The majority of items we offer for sale have come out of collections amassed over a period of 30+ years and are new to the auction marketplace.
What would be some of the features that set Dan Morphy Auctions apart from other auction houses?

One of our biggest advantages over competitors is that we offer an extended preview period during which all items coming up for sale may be viewed at the gallery. This extended preview runs for as long two (2) months prior to auction. This timeframe allows our regular customers and potential buyers as much time as they wish to inspect the items in a no-pressure atmosphere. Dan Morphy Auctions is open every day from 9AM – 4PM and is staffed with full-time, knowledgeable antiques experts to assist those wishing to preview articles of interest. The items also may be previewed after hours by special appointment.
Where are your sales held?

The majority of our sales are held in Dan Morphy Auctions/Adamstown Antique Gallery, a 45,000-square-foot gallery located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s antiques country, adjacent to the famed Adamstown antiques strip known as the “Antiques Capital of America.” Approximately 6 sales per year are held at our Las Vegas location, featuring Coin-Op, Advertising, Firearms and Militaria. All auctions are open to the public and free of charge.
How many sales do you conduct per year?

On average 25 – 30 auctions per year.
Whom do you use to provide catalog descriptions, condition reports and estimates for your sales?

We have our own team of experts encompassing many different categories of antiques and collectibles. When it comes to highly specialized niche categories, we enlist the services of noted authorities whom we consider to have the greatest knowledge and best reputation within their given field in order to ensure accurate and trustworthy appraisals.
To whom do you send mailers and catalogs?

We utilize an extensive mailing list that is categorized by specific collecting interests and updated on a daily basis. This database includes all of the names/addresses we have accumulated from past sales and shows, as well as contacts we have gained through membership in various collector clubs.
Is there a preferred time of year in which to sell?

No, the bottom line is that if the items are in good condition and fresh to the market, they will do well in our sales no matter what time of year it may be.
How do I know if my bid on an item has been successful?

Dan Morphy Auctions notifies successful bidders the Monday after the sale by e-mail (if provided), with a hard copy following in the mail.
How do I pay for my invoice?

All merchandise must be paid for in full within seven (7) days of the date of the sale. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, certified checks, wire transfers, money orders, and cash (see section titled ”Buyer’s Premium” under “Guide for Buyers”). Make checks payable to: Morphy Auctions. Dan Morphy Auctions reserves the right to hold items paid for by personal check until said check clears. Call 877-968-8880 to pay your invoice by phone.