Meet Our Experts

Toys/Trains/Sports Memorabilia

Tommy Sage

Tommy Sage joined forces with Dan Morphy in 2004 to establish Morphy Auctions. Tommy is well known in the industry for his expertise in toys, trains and sports memorabilia. His primary duties are to act as chief operating officer of Dan Morphy Auctions, to gather consignments, provide catalog descriptions, and to represent Dan Morphy Auctions at various shows around the world.Tommy grew up in the antiques trade and attended his first show with his father at the age of six, started selling trains at the age of 12 and ran his first antique shop in the Poconos at the age of 16. It's not surprising that the younger Sage was attracted to the antiques trade at an early age. He recalls, "I was exposed to the business through my father, a long-time dealer, and was able to learn what collectors wanted, how to find it, and who to sell it to." In the 1980s, Tommy relocated to the Adamstown, Pa., area to continue his pursuit of the antiques business. He is now an integral part of Dan Morphy Auctions and brings vast knowledge and experience to the forefront of the company's daily operations.


Dan Matthews

Dan Matthews started his own auction business in 2007. In January of 2014, Dan Matthews merged his company, Matthews Auction Co., with Morphy Auctions. In his transition to Morphy’s, he was named to the role of expert in the Petroliana, Automobilia and Advertising Division. He has grown his knowledge of the petroliana subject and is well known and respected in the industry.


Jay Lowe

Jay Lowe joined the Dan Morphy Auctions team as the Head of the Doll Division in 2015, as a result of Morphy's purchase of James D. Julia's Antique Toy, Doll, Coin Operated Machine and Advertising Division. While at Julia's, Jay was responsible for some of Julia's most successful doll and toy sales events over the past decade. Jay specializes in the identification and valuation of antique dolls and related materials, but is also a nationally recognized expert on trains, coin-op machines, and advertising. He has over 45+ years professional experience in the toy trade, beginning as a youngster in 1968 when he started focusing on fine vintage trains. His interests grew to include coin-operated machines in 1971 and antique dolls in 1981. Jay was fortunate to learn firsthand from many old time, legendary collectors and dealers who today are considered pillars of the vintage toy industry. Jay is an active and veteran member of several well-known professional toy societies, including United Federation of Doll Clubs, National Antique Doll Dealers Association, Train Collectors of America, Schoenhut Club, Antique Toy Collectors of America, and Coin Operated Collectors Association. He was a guest appraiser on season 15 of the iconic PBS "Antiques Roadshow" TV program. Jay and his team of six experts are committed to growing Morphy's doll division into the preeminent and most respected auction choice for buyers and sellers from all over the world, and to helping customers reach their collecting or deaccessioning objectives.


Brian Estepp

Brian Estepp joined the Dan Morphy Auctions team as its marble consultant in 2009. His primary duties are to gather consignments for the company, with his specialty being marbles, among other things. Brian also represents Dan Morphy Auctions at shows around the country and provides catalog descriptions and valuations on marbles in all Morphy sales.Brian is well known to marble collectors and has a superb reputation for quality and honesty. Dan Morphy Auctions is pleased to have Brian as part of the team. Watch for him at shows around the country.

Fine Art

Patrick Orbe

Noted art dealer Patrick Orbe has joined Morphy Auctions’ team of experts as special consultant to the company’s Fine Art department. In his new position with Morphy’s, Orbe will oversee all fine art consignments, assessing and cataloging works for authenticity, attribution, condition and value. Additionally, he will manage all consignor and buyer relationships that pertain to fine art entrusted to Morphy’s.

Based in Bergen County, New Jersey, Orbe has been an established art dealer in the New York metro area for the past 23 years, advising and selling mostly to a private clientele. He operates his business by appointment only from a gallery space in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. His educational credentials include continuing scholarship at The Art Students League of New York, Pratt Phoenix School of Design, NYU School of Continuing Education, and Bergen Community College (N.J.). 

Orbe’s métier is American and European art of the 19th and 20th centuries, with a particular expertise in Hudson River school, modern period, contemporary and French academic paintings. Orbe also works with living artists who are launching or developing their careers. His stellar network of contacts in the trade includes a number of prestigious galleries.

“We are especially pleased that Patrick has joined our team of experts,” said Morphy Auctions CEO Dan Morphy. “His knowledge and connections will enable us to build a strong Fine Art department, an aspect of our business that is going to become increasingly important to us. Some do not realize that Morphy’s is a full-service auction house with a roundtable of top specialists managing our departments. The only missing link was someone highly knowledgeable in fine art who could handle the influx of art consignments coming to us from estates and other consignors. We found the perfect person for the job in Patrick.”


General Antiques/Holiday

John Morphy, M.D.

Dr. John Morphy, a retired physician, was part of the Morphy team long before "the team" ever existed. As the father of Dan Morphy Auctions' CEO, Dan Morphy, Dr. Morphy was the guiding force who sparked and nurtured Dan's interest in the antiques industry. With his knowledge and appreciation of antiques, "Doc," as he is known to one and all, was Dan's most important influence and a constant source of encouragement to his son as he ventured into antiques as a profession.Dr. Morphy's primary duties are to provide catalog descriptions and condition reports, appraise goods and assist with the shipping of items purchased at auction. His expertise developed over 35+ years in the industry and includes, but is not limited to, art glass, fine art, antique toys, country store, holiday and general antiques. He also represents Dan Morphy Auctions at many shows across the country. Dr. Morphy is an integral part of the day-to-day operations at the gallery, and in his free time he is still buys, sells and collects the antiques he has grown to love.

Mechanical Banks

Dan Morphy

Dan Morphy, owner and chief executive officer of Dan Morphy Auctions and founder of the Adamstown Antique Gallery in Denver, Pa., also acts as the mechanical and still bank specialist for the company.Dan grew up in a family of avid collectors, with his retired physician father, John Morphy Sr., and his mother, Janet, constantly encouraging the appreciation of antiques in the home and fostering a love of collecting among their children. "I grew up around antiques and attended many shows and auctions with my dad at a very early age," Dan said. At the age of 10, Morphy started buying still banks through the mail. Within a few years, he was both buying and selling mechanical banks through various sources and meeting collectors who are now among the most revered in the hobby. And while he has bought, sold and collected 30 to 40 different types of antiques over the years, Morphy says it is mechanical banks that have consistently held his fascination.Dan is deeply invested in the day-to-day operations of Dan Morphy Auctions and the antiques industry, and also supports and belongs to many collector clubs. His exceptional knowledge and experience with mechanical banks was shared with the hobby worldwide through the writing and publication of Dan Morphy's Price Guide to Mechanical Banks, which is considered the premier reference in its category.

Kentucky Long Rifles/Antique Firearms

Stephen Hench

Stephen Hench joined the Dan Morphy Auctions team as its rifle and firearms consultant in the spring of 2006. His expertise includes but is not limited to Kentucky long rifles, Colonial period arms, and American furniture from the Colonial and Federal period. Steve's primary functions are to provide catalog descriptions and valuations on all gun-related items, specifically Kentucky long rifles and Colonial period arms.Steve's journey at Dan Morphy Auctions started with a case rental from the gallery and expanded to cataloging and promoting gun-related auction items at specialty shows. Steve is no stranger to the antiques industry, since he started collecting at a very young age after purchasing his first firearm for $15 – a fine-condition Springfield 1863 musket. After realizing the long rifle market's need for restoration and resale opportunities, Steve – then a high school English teacher – started buying and selling high-quality guns and antiques as a hobby. Over the years he has refined his collection by adhering to the credo "keep the best and sell the rest." Steve has been a member of the Kentucky Rifle Association since 1967. For a number of years he served on the KRA's board of directors. Currently he is an active member of the Kentucky Rifle Foundation and works at fundraising for the Kentucky Rifle Association. Steve also belongs to the New England Antique Arms Society and is a life member of the Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association and the National Rifle Association. He was recently accepted into to the American Society of Arms Collectors and is also working on a book for the Kentucky Rifle Association. Steve has done appraisals for many people, but his most memorable appraisal was for the late Andrew Wyeth. Steve is a published consultant with an impressive history and stellar reputation in the industry. Dan Morphy Auctions is proud to have Steve as a part of the team.

Firearms Division Expert

Dave Bushing

Dave Bushing joined the Morphy Auctions team in July, 2014. Dave is a veteran gun collector, dealer and authenticator and will serve as the Firearms division expert. Renowned on the gun show circuit, both for his knowledge of out-of-production firearms and his willingness to share information with collectors at all levels. Dave will represent Morphy Auctions at gun shows, obtaining firearms consignments, and authenticating and cataloging all guns prior to our specialty sales. He will also be present at all of our gun previews and auctions, making himself available to anyone who has a question about an auction item and evaluating firearms brought in by collectors or potential consignors. Dave is hugely respected in gun-collecting circles nationwide, and his track record as a gun appraiser is impeccable. We’re genuinely honored that he has joined our team.

Pressed Steel/Pedal Cars

Tom Hathazy

Tom Hathazy joined the Dan Morphy Auctions team in the winter of 2005 as our pressed steel/pedal car consultant. Tom came highly recommended because of his extensive knowledge of Sturditoy, Buddy ‘L,' Steelcraft, Sonny, Kingsbury and Keystone are obvious from the professional catalog descriptions, conditions and appraisals he provides for our pressed-steel items.Tom's interest in antiques started with his love of antique cars. He had already been an active collector and hobbyist for more than 20 years when he purchased his first piece of pressed steel in the mid-1980s at the Hershey Car Show. Tom was a history teacher whose love of the past turned to the history of the pressed-steel toy companies. His experience with antique car paint restoration and non-original parts became the foundation for his understanding of pressed-steel toys. Over the years he had amassed such an extensive collection that he became active in the business and enjoys bringing new collectors into the hobby to share his love of antiques. Morphy's is pleased to have Tom as a part of the team.

Figural Cast Iron

John & Nancy Smith

John and Nancy Smith joined Dan Morphy Auctions in the spring of 2004 as our figural cast iron consultants. As widely recognized authorities on doorstops and figural cast iron, they provide the catalog descriptions on much of the figural cast iron offered in sales conducted by Dan Morphy Auctions.John and Nancy are the authors of The Doorstop Book - An Encyclopedia of Doorstop Collecting, and have been avid collectors of cast iron, folk art and country Americana for more than 35 years. As dealers trading under the name "American Sampler," they have appeared at major antique shows since 1971 and are always available to answer any questions concerning Dan Morphy Auctions and consignments. John is the founder of the Figural Cast Iron Collectors Club, and both he and Nancy have been members of the Still Bank Collectors Club of America since 1971. Based in Barnesville, Md., John and Nancy are busy exhibiting at shows, updating their Web site, and gathering consignments Dan Morphy Auctions. Dan Morphy Auctions is pleased to have this dynamic duo as a part of the team.

Antique & Modern Silver

Peter Thomson

Peter joined Morphy auctions in 2008 as a consultant cataloguing antique and modern silver, and now heads the silver division. For over fifteen years he acted as a collector's agent and advisor, buying antique silver in London and South- Eastern England for several private collectors, and he continues to keep in contact with the London silver trade. Peter began as a spoon collector in his late teens, with a special interest in silver hallmarks. He has a BA in History and Art History from William & Mary,a Diploma from the Royal Society of Arts in London from the Christies Fine Arts Course, and is a member of the Silver Society (London). He continues to advise private clients on acquisitions of English and American silver, as well as preparing appraisals and inventories.


Mike Oskiera

Mike Oskiera joined the Dan Morphy Auctions team as its advertising consultant in June of 2005. He specializes in a wide range of advertising: trays, tins, signs, posters, calendars, displays, country store, etc. His primary duties are to appraise and provide catalog descriptions. Mike also helps to promote Dan Morphy Auctions through personal contacts, business transactions and attending various antique shows throughout the year.He has been collecting and dealing in vintage advertising since 1990. Mike is an active dealer who sets up at several venues each year, including Atlantique City, the Indianapolis Advertising Show, Dan Morphy's York Show and others. Mike has been a frequent visitor to the gallery since it opened in 1997, and he still comes to visit every Sunday. Dan Morphy Auctions is proud to have Mike as a part of the team.