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April 27

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April 27, Doll Auction

Starts at 9am



1 - 100           9:00 AM

101 - 200      10:00 AM

201 - 300      11:00 PM

301 - 400      12:00 PM

401 - 501         1:00 PM


The core of the sale is a fresh-to-the-market collection from the mid-west assembled over the past 60 years and remarkable for its depth of French Bébés and large dolls, supplemented by choice additions from other noted collections.

French Bébés: H., A.T., 4 Long-Face Jumeaux, 4 Brus, 5 F.G.s, more than 13 Jumeaux, Steiners, R.D.s, E.D. Jullien, Paris Bébé, SFBJs, DEPs

French Fashions: 9 including 4 large F.G.s, and one with trunk and accessories

German Characters: K & R 117 & 114, A.M. 400 & 233. 

S & H 1279, Oriental 1129, Heubachs, large babies, flirty-eyed models

German Bisque: Kestner closed and open mouth, Bru-type, Simon & Halbig, K & R, Kuhnlenz, Handwerck, Bahr & Proschild, Kley & Hahn, Bergmann, large Kester all-bisques

Googlies: JDK 221, A.M. 253 & 241, 

“Hug Me Kiddie”

Large Dolls: Over 100 French and German bisque exceeding 28”, 4 chinas

Name Dolls: S & H Santa, Heubach Santa, Jutta, Eleanore, Baby Blanche, Dainty Dorothy, Hilda

Cloth Dolls: Alexander boxed “Susie Q”, Venus, Steiff

Artist: Roche, Emma Clear, Himstedt, Plusczok, Akira Blount

Teddy Bears: Early Steiff and others, vintage teddy bear books

Special Interest: Cage and crèche dolls, Queen Ann Dolls, Bliss House, doll shoes, clothing and accessories

Collectibles: #1 Barbie, Barbie Perfectly Plaid Set, vinyl and composition Shirley Temples, boxed 1923 “Campbell Kid,” boxed Amberg “It,” boxed F & B “Honey,” 

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