A Premier Antiques Auction Company

Morphy Auctions in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has become one of the great success stories of the antiques auctions trade. Morphy’s has built an international reputation from its premises at the Adamstown Antique Gallery, a multi-dealer retail venue founded by Dan Morphy in 1997. Morphy’s has realized meteoric growth and set numerous world antique auction records in many categories, while attracting a global following of buyers that grows exponentially with each successive sale. 

Grounded in the values of honesty and integrity, Morphy Auctions is the discriminating collector’s #1 choice when it comes to buying or selling antiques and fine art. Lancaster County’s proximity to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., makes the gallery easily accessible to potential auction bidders, consignors and retail shoppers. 

Our Facility

Morphy Auctions & The Adamstown Antique Gallery

Morphy Auctions is one of the largest under-roof auction houses in the country, spanning over 36,000 sq. ft.  The builiding is customized to meet the growing and changing needs of the antiques industry. Our goal is to provide the best overall buying and selling experience for our customers. The combination of an auction house and antique gallery makes Morphy’s a unique facility by having auction items and antiques for sale under one roof.

The Adamstown Antique Gallery offers month-to-month showcase rentals for interested dealers, antiques for retail purchase, and a venue for consignment to auction. As you enter the facility you will notice an inviting customer service area conveniently staffed with full-time, knowledgeable employees and antiques experts who are happy to assist shoppers, dealers and consignors. This retail portion of the gallery provides additional floor traffic for upcoming auction items that are on display, and the extended preview allows customers and potential buyers ample opportunity to inspect the items for as long as they wish in an unpressured environment. 

“From the moment you enter the gallery, you know you’re in a special place. The quality showcased items, wonderful layout and friendly attentive staff help to make sales happen. One thing is unmistakable...the feeling that you are dealing with a “family of antiquers.” Since auctions became a fixture of the gallery, there has been foot traffic, and plenty of it, in the weeks leading up to the actual auction events. That means potential eyeballs for your merchandise. At the gallery, I have met many wonderful collectors, experts, dealers and great people who all love the hunt for antiques and collectibles. You never know what unique items you will find, who you might run into or what you might learn once you enter the gallery. There is no other place where you can sell your items and feel that you are part of a very special antiques community.” ~ Andrew ‘Marty’ Martin, Gallery dealer since April 1997

The clean, well-lit, fully carpeted and climate-controlled gallery is customized to ensure the ideal atmosphere for the antiques and collectibles housed within the facility. Whether large or small, all of the antiques are secured properly and professionally displayed to maximize their eye appeal.

The pride of Morphy's is the stylish auction room, featuring comfortable theater-style seats equipped with fold-over lap desks and cup holders, a marble floor and decorative tin ceiling with ambient lighting. With technology constantly changing, Morphy’s strives to offer state-of-the-art options for bidding and auction participation, which the facility was designed to handle. The auction room’s design features the latest telecommunications, wireless technology and custom acoustics for the best auction experience possible.

Adjacent to the auction room is a sleek and comfortable dining area equipped with an audio-feed function and windows to enable bidders to monitor the auction activity while grabbing a bite to eat. The facility also has an outdoor patio which provides a nice area in which to take a break from the auction.

Ample parking and the hotel-style all-weather canopy over the front door allow for easy customer deliveries and pickups. Morphy’s utilizes a fully enclosed loading/unloading dock with hydraulic lift for larger-scale antiques and tractor-trailer deliveries and pickups. No collection is too large or too small for Morphy Auctions to consider.